The New Literature from Europe festival’s 10-year anniversary celebration will take readers on the road with 9 authors whose writing blurs national boundaries. EU passport holders are in transit, working, traveling, living and functioning easily over most of the continent, and European writers are articulating a new consciousness of this state of motion. 

Some of these authors are foreigners in their homeland, and some are at home in a foreign land.  Some inhabit spaces where borders and populations have shifted. They may write in their mother tongue for an audience that reads in another language, possibly translated through a third language, or they may write in more than one language. Several of them move easily between fiction informed by fact and non-fiction driven by narrative.

NLE’s authors for 2013 are Erri de Luca, Italy’s most widely read author and an international best seller; Bulgarian-German author Ilja Trojanow, who has written books about India and Mecca; Laurent Binet, author of the internationally acclaimed WWII novel set in Prague, HHhH; leading Czech novelist, Jáchym Topol; up-and-coming Polish journalist based mostly in Turkey, Witold Szabłowski; Romanian writer Daniela Zeca-Buzura, who also makes a European connection to the Near East; Spanish writer, Maria Dueñas, who explores the Madrid-Morocco connection during the Spanish Civil War; Romanian-born Hungarian writer, György Dragomán; and Sabine Gruber, an Austrian writer who has been equally at home in Italy.

Roman ElegyI have written about Sabine Gruber in the past on this blog. The good news is that now there is a translation available in English. Roman Elegy is the English title of her most recent book “Stillbach oder Die Sehnsucht“. You can read some sample pages of “Roman Elegy” on the festival’s website: http://www.newlitfromeurope.org/excerpts/austria_excerpt_NLE.pdf

Don’t miss this great festival, which runs from Thursday, November 14 through Saturday, November 16, 2013, at venues throughout NYC.

The full schedule of events is available here:


Sabine Gruber’s books are available in our library. For more information please contact our library at library@acfny.org or visit our website at http://www.acfny.org/library/.