Coat of arms of AustriaToday, October 26, marks Austria’s National holiday in remembrance of the Austrian State Treaty with the four occupying powers, which was signed on May 15, 1955 and restored Austria’s independence. From October 26, 1955 no foreign troops were allowed on Austrian territory and the Austrian Parliament declared Austria’s permanent neutrality.

To find out more about the Austrian Second Republic (Austria since 1945), the allied occupation and Austria’s way to new independence check out the following books in our library:

Coca-colonization and the Cold War by Reinhold Wagnleitner (available in English and German)
Austria in the nineteen fifties edited by Günter Bischof
The Marshall Plan in Austria edited by Günter Bischof
Austria 1945-1955, studies in political and cultural re-emergence edited by Anthony Bushell
Österreich unter alliierter Besatzung edited by Alfred Ableitinger
Österreich 1945-1995, Fotos aus dem Archiv des “Wiener Kurier” by Herbert Friedlmeier and Gerda Mraz

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