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We are very excited about the participation of Austrian writer Barbara Frischmuth at the upcoming PEN-Festival next week. Taking place every year since 2004, this major festival has established its place in the hearts and minds of New Yorkers, with the help of the world’s most compelling writers.

Barbara Frischmuth studied Turkish, Hungarian, and Middle Eastern studies. She works as a writer, translator, and columnist and has won numerous prizes for her work, which besides adult fiction also includes children’s books and nonfiction.

marderToday she lives in her native Altausee in Styria, Austria, where she has a beautiful house with a spectacular garden. Her garden has served as the protagonist of several of her nonfiction books, and her passion for gardening will be the topic of her PEN-Festival workshop “Do you have a garden in mind?”. The green thumbs among you should definitely not miss it. Find more information here: http://www.acfny.org/event/barbara-frischmuth-do-you-have-a-garden-in-mind/ and http://worldvoices.pen.org/.

Barbara Frishmuth’s participation in this year’s PEN-Festival will be intense, as she participates in different workshops and panel discussions with topics ranging from multilingualism, the relationship between remembering and forgetting, invisible and visible cities, to engaging in foreign languages, with distinguished writers and scholars such as Claudio Magris, Simon Critchley, Michal Ajvaz, and others.

Our website offers detailed information about her events:





Our library features a broad selection of her books in German and English translation as well as secondary literature about her work.

To read a review of her latest book along with a sample translation, check out the website of “New Books in German”: http://www.new-books-in-german.com/english/1301/383/383/129002/design1.html

For more information please contact our library at library@acfny.org or visit our website at http://www.acfny.org/library/.