From July 7 to July 10, 2011 the Austrian city of Klagenfurt celebrates the Festival of German-Language Literature. The highlight of the annual festival is the famous Ingeborg –Bachmann-Prize which is donated by the city of Klagenfurt. The festival and its Prize were founded 1977 and each year the festival starts with a literary workshop where young authors and famous writers work together.

Ingeborg Bachmann, 1926-1973, is considered one of the most important poets and authors working in the German language in the 20th century. 

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The Nominations 2011

Antonia Baum, (Germany)
Michel Božiković, (Switzerland)
Nina Bußmann, (Germany)
Gunther Geltinger, (Germany)
Maja Haderlap, (Austria)
Thomas Klupp, (Germany)
Steffen Popp, (Germany)
Anna Maria Praßler, (Germany)
Julya Rabinowich, (Austria)
Leif Randt, (Germany)
Linus Reichlin, (Germany)
Anne Richter, (Germany)
Maximilian Steinbeis, (Germany)
Daniel Wisser, (Austria)

The 14 authors from Austria, Germany and Switzerland will read their texts in a competition-like setting in front of  eight jury members who will criticize their work. On the festival’s website translations into eight languages of the competition entries will be published.

Three Austrian authors have been nominated for this year’s Prize.
Julya Rabinowich’s work Splithead is available both in English and German (Spaltkopf) in our library, as well as her latest novel Herznovelle (in German).

For more Information please visit the the site of the Festival of German-Language-Literature .